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Living Trusts
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Kevin Soelberg
3 months ago

We engaged the Voeller Law Firm to prepare a Trust for our family.  David was thorough in covering the various options we needed to consider and patiently answered our many questions.  After the initial meeting the firm went to work to create the plan and in our second meeting he took the time to review each element before we closed.  Our experience couldn't have been more positive.  The peace of mind we now have, knowing we have this plan in place is wonderful.  We would highly recommend the Voeller Law Firm for estate planning.
alerie Johnston
2 months ago

We found the Voeller Law Firm through a referral from an attorney who did not specialize in trusts and estate planning.  We needed help with trusts when my mother moved here from Arizona and she had a complex group of trusts that were hard to understand. We were immediately impressed with Jim's empathy and his ability to communicate not only with my mother (80-plus years old) but with me and my older brother as well.  Jim offered several alternatives and my mother selected the options she desired.
larry andrews
7 months ago

My family has been blessed to meet Jim, David and the entire staff at The Voeller Law Firm.  They have been not only knowledgeable, and skilled - but have also done a great job of helping us through the process.  They explained and  guided us through everything that was done, and were always available to answer questions, and explain what was going on.   It is amazing to have an attorney that you can rely on - but even more amazing to have an attorney that you know you can trust.  I highly recommend The Voeller Law Firm.
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Probate is a court supervised process that is used to identify and gather the assets of a deceased person in order to pay any debt and to distribute their assets to their beneficiary. Probate can become complicated which is why consulting an experienced probate attorney is the first thing you should do. Our probate attorney can help guide you through the complex system of probate. Our experienced probate attorneys can help will any Issues that may arise during the probate process. If the will is contested, you will definitely need the assistance of a probate attorney to make sure the estate doesn’t get locked up in the probate process. Probate proceedings are normally held in the state in which the deceased lived. Statuary requirements must be met for a will to qualify for probate. After all fees and debt is paid the rest gets divided by the beneficiaries. Our attorneys can assist you with your estate planning, medicade crisis planning, gun trusts, wills, living trusts and more. Give our probate attorneys a call today and let’s talk about how we can help you protect your assets.
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living trusts
Living Trusts - Probate Attorney
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living trusts
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Our Law Firm has over 35 years of experience helping families plan for their futures, protecting surviving spouses, and safeguarding assets for children and grandchildren.
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Trusts are used for estate planning, protecting assets and taxes. Living trusts can be prepared while you’re still alive and can be altered as your life changes. An attorney can provide a complete living trust package to ensure everything always up to date. A trust holds assets until a later date and allows a beneficiary to bypass probate. Living trusts, also known as a “revocable trust”, is a legal document in which assets are placed in a trust for your own benefit, while you’re living, and when you pass it is then transferred to designated beneficiary of your choice, called a "successor trustee." Normally drafting a living trust is more complex and will cost more than a making a will. Bank accounts, stocks, and bond accounts and certificates can all be made part of a living trust. Living trusts allows the distribution of your assets without going through probate. Living trusts hold up better than a will if someone comes forward to contest the distribution of assets. Living trusts also allow you to keep your documents private because unlike a will they are not public records. Contact our living trust attorneys to see if a living trust is right for you.
living trusts
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